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The characteristics of the cladding

Cedar cladding is the most commonly used type of cladding. It is produced by re-sawing timber at an angle to produce two thicker pieces on one edge than on the other. The manufacturing process gives pieces with a face that is textured with the saw. The other side is smooth or textured by saw according to the category and what the customer prefers. The clapboard liner installs horizontally and gives a nice shadow line that varies with the thickness of the selected liner.

bevel siding with outdoor garden

The categories

The clapboard coating is available in clear and gnarly categories. A clear coating gives a premium appearance and is ideal for prestigious and high-end applications. The knotty coating has the warm charm ideal for homes, cottages, clubhouses and applications where a rustic look is desired.

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WRCLA members also produce fingerboard cladding in clear and gnarled grades. The precisely attached joints are almost invisible and stronger than the surrounding fibers. The clapboard cladding is available in different lengths up to 16 feet and gives a beautiful appearance and performance in all weather conditions. Builders appreciate both having long lengths available as well as speed and ease of installation, which has fewer fittings.

Classification of the cladding

The clear cladding is intended for use on the smooth face, except the Rustic, which is intended only for textured saw use.

Clear VG Heart

Clear VG Heart Cedar Siding

This is the highest of the clapboard categories. All categories of perfect wood clear and cut on quarter are cut on quarter (on meshes) and are dried in the oven. The pieces have a smooth heartwood face that resists decomposition and has no growth characteristics that can affect appearance or performance. The pieces have excellent dimensional stability and hold the finishes exceptionally well.

Available in solid wood or abutment.

Paragraph on classification rules

NLGA 201a
WCLIB 106-aa
WWPA 21.11

A Clear

A Clear Cedar Siding

This class has a nice appearance and only allows a little more growth characteristics compared to the Clear Heart. The pieces are in mixed grain. These mixed-grain pieces (quarter-sawn and sawn on the back) are graded from the planed face.

In general, they are sold with a percentage of class B (NLGA 201C / WCLIB 106b / WWPA 21.13)

Paragraph on classification rules

NLGA 201b /
201c WCLIB 106-a
WWPA 21.12

The common specifications are A and Best and A and Best with maybe a percentage of B Clear.



It is recommended to use rustic clapboard cladding as a wall covering where the distinctive charm of a rustic textured sawing look is desired. This category allows for limited features that do not diminish functionality.

Available in solid wood or abutment.

Paragraph on classification rules

NLGA 201d

Select Knotty *

Select Knotty Cedar Siding

Nodes and other natural features define the visual character of knotty coverings. In the Select Knotty category, the knots are healthy and tight. Available raw or prepared, oven dried or undried and smooth or textured with saw. Some companies can sell this category with knots pasted on the back side.

The common specifications are Select Knotty with maybe a percentage of Quality Knotty.

Paragraph on classification rules

NLGA 205a
WCLIB 111-e

Architect Knotty®

Architect Knotty Cedar Siding

This product is intended to be fully usable with the re-sawn face exposed after cutting to match the spacing of nails on the walls. It contains neither open nor direct defects. The product allows the use of adhesives on the back side to protect the knots. Architect Knotty® is particularly suitable for polishing or finishing at the factory. Supplied in the oven.

Architect Knotty® is a registered trademark of the WRCLA

Paragraph on classification rules

Property of WRCLA
NLGA – National Wood Classification Authority
WCLIB – West Coast Wood Inspection Office
WWPA – Western Wood Products Association

The sizes of the cladding

Sizes of cladding in Thuya Giant

Nominal size (inches) Type Category
1/2 x 4
1/2 x 6
1/2 x 8
11/16 x 6
11/16 x 8
3/4 x 6
3/4 x 8
3/4 x 10
Simple clin Clear VG Heart
5/8 x 6
5/8 x 8
11/16 x 6
11/16 x 8
11/16 x 10
3/4 x 6
3/4 x 8
3/4 x 10
7/8 x 8
7/8 x 10
7/8 x 12
Simple clin Select Knotty
Architect Knotty Knotty
3/4 x 6
3/4 x 8
3/4 x 10
5/4 x 8
5/4 x 10
Rebar Clin
7/8 x 10
7/8 x 12
Clain with wavy contours

* Not all sizes are available in all categories.

The coating may be available only with multiple fingerings or with multiple fingerings and with the glued edges.

The cladding cover

Cladding Cover Table for Dried Coatings

With overlaps of at least one inch. Larger overlaps may be used, especially on larger cladding coatings such as 10 and 12 inch pieces.

Nominal width (inches) Width in prepared mode (inches) Exposed face (inches) Linear foot factor Surface measurement
4 3-1 / 2 2-1 / 2 4.80 1.60
6 5-1 / 2 4-1 / 2 2.67 1.33
8 7-1 / 2 6-1 / 2 1.85 1.23
10 9-1 / 2 8-1 / 2 1.41 1.18
12 11-1 / 2 10-1 / 2 1.14 1.14

If you want more information

Refer to the Coating Calculator in the Coating section to calculate the coating needed for your project.

Specifications of the cladding

Specification of the cladding

The following information is required for the specification of lap cladding products:

Necessary specification information Specification of samples
giant cedar
Western red cedar of the WRCLA
Product Model and Intended Use:
The cladding is used as exterior siding to provide weather protection and architectural style. The designer can choose between a simple wink, a wavy clap or a wavy wink.
Single cladding
Specify the nominal size of the product.
1/2 x 6 inches
The product category determines its overall quality. Refer to the WRCLA Specification Documents or Agency Classification Manuals for available categories.
Clear VG Heart
Classification agency paragraph:
To ensure that the product meets written standards, a classification paragraph of the agency must be referenced.
NLGA para. 201a
Moisture content:
Specify whether the product should be green (not dried) or kiln dried.
Baked in the oven
Surface to expose:
Specify the orientation of the application to help the supplier to send the right product for your job site.
The surface face
Express in surface measure the required quantity. To find the factor that converts square feet to a surface measurement, consult the table.
Surface measurement: 5500
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