Le vrai thuya à l’extérieur

Outer beauty: dare to dream

Imagine that you are creating your own outer sanctuary. What would it look like? Would it be a quiet retreat where you would relax with your spouse after a hard day’s work drinking a glass of wine? If this is your dream, the true cedar is an excellent choice to build a custom deck that will look like a graceful extension of your home. The warm shades and malleable but incredibly strong properties of true Cedar are perfect for furnishing patios with personal elements such as curved balustrades, garden benches and vaulted pergolas.

Family fun

Cedar Outdoor Pavilion Of course, at this stage of your life, asking for peace can seem difficult. In this case, a terrace that is durable enough to support a life of happy familiar barbecues may please you more. Once again, the red cedar is the wood you need. It is 100 percent natural and ecological, which should reassure you when you hear a sound of small feet on your new deck. After all, true thuya is soft to the touch and never too hot, while synthetic coatings can look rough and tend to heat up excessively. In addition, our wood has elements that preserve it in a natural way. So your outdoor family room will last as long as the memories you create there.

High quality studios

Cedar Outdoor PavilionSi c’est une salle de plein air détachée que vous désirez, il vous faudra une superbe oasis ensoleillée qui reflètera vos goûts personnels et vous donnera de l’inspiration. Ne cherchez pas plus loin. Le thuya géant est le matériau de construction le mieux adapté pour cet objectif. Avec une beauté sans égale, le thuya géant peut mettre en valeur toutes les esthétiques architecturales. Donc, par exemple, si vous voulez un studio d’art singulier qui dégage le charme rustique d’un cottage, ne sous-estimez pas le charme rétro des bardeaux en vrai thuya.

On the other hand, if you want a modern, professional-looking workplace for your home-based business, the constant density of Western Red Cedar and its ability to always stay flat are ideal for creating crisp surfaces. Be aware: with such an inspiring office, you’ll never be late for work again!

Shaping and fading

So, if you just want to design your outdoor paradise and create a shady hut, a giant cedar pergola is the best. Conversely, if you want to subtly integrate your outdoor space into your home, the terrace in true cedar offers you profitable possibilities. It is more economical than synthetic materials and infinitely more stylish. When one integrates the western red cedar in its places of outdoor life, people notice it.