Préparation des projets en extérieur

Site Preparation Tips

Start with solid materials

Storing-sidingTo start with the essentials, make sure you have chosen the right building materials for your specific project. Once it’s done, it’s always better to buy a recognized category from a WRCLA member , who knows it! Then, when you have brought the timber back to your site, be sure to examine it closely for any inconsistencies or damage of any kind.

Store it securely on your site

If you do not build immediately after purchasing your materials, it is imperative that your wood be properly stored. Otherwise, your beautiful boards may be damaged by ultraviolet rays or rain even before you can use them. So, to guarantee the wood an adequate protection against the elements, it is better to lay it flat but by stacking it so as to form a kind of pyramid or tent to protect it against a possible rain. It is also very important to store the entire pile away from the ground and cover it with a sort of waterproof tarpaulin. That said, do not completely close your wood: it must still take the air.